That Work ..
  • Integrated

    Our busienss solutions are full
    featured and fully integrated..

  • Work Orders
  • Our industrial verison handles fifteen different types of work orders...

  • Sales

    Our industrial version supports
    seventeen differnt kinds of
    sales orders...

  • e-Commerce

    we have four different e-commerce interface options...

  • Inventory Characteristics

    Our transactional inventory is
    second to none.

  • Logistics

    We support many different shipping
    and receiving models...

  • Pricing Options

    We support many different price
    options and have bulk update tools...

  • Tax Options

    We handle sales taxes by location,
    special use, item taxes and GSA.

  • Bar Code

    We provide Symbol/ Motorla
    bar code solutions custom or off-the-shelf
    add-ons to our business software systems.

  • EDI - Electroinc Data Interchange

    We provide integrated EDI
    Solutions with our business Partners,
    EasyLink, and CLEO

Quality Business Solutions ... that can be tailored to you needs.

Solutions that improve your productivity and bottom line.

At AdvanTec we do not believe that “one size fits all”, not all business needs can be met “out of the box” with “shrink wrapped software”. We recognize that the variations in how people do business is often a strategic asset and therefore offer “tailored solutions”. Ideally every business would like to have a completely customized solution, but cannot afford the time and expense to do so. At AdvanTec we solve this dilemma by providing the best of both worlds. We build our solutions with Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) products customized where the strategic benefits warrant. Our years of efforts have resulted in a vast library of customized modules that enable us to deliver these “tailored solutions” at near “shrink wrapped” prices.

Our Solutions streamline your business, integrate existing systems, increase productivity, can adapt as your business needs change and are designed, built and supported in the USA.

  • Accounting / Buiness Systems /MRP/ERP

    Our Small Business Manager line  typically 3-10 users, for upgrading from shrink wrapped to a muti-user system with audit trails and division of responsibility.

    Our Industrial and Enterprise lines of complete business operations and accounting software.  5-100 users, multiple locations, audit trails, restricted roles and responsibilities. Robust, scalable and extensible

  • Sales Automation

    Our STARS - Sales Tracking and Results System is a robust multi-user sales automation system for leads, contact notes, follow up, appointment scheduling, managing your sales force, pipeline, cycling accounts, managing campaigns, handles regions,  zones,  territories, mergers and acquisitions, tracking contacts even when they change companies.

    .....Our CRM module

    .....Sales Management

    .....ATEC2GO - our Sales Mobility Module

    .....EDI - to automate trading partner document exchange

  • Business Web Design & Development

    Low Cost --Professional Template based Webs and Web Upgrades

    E- commerce -- web based solutions for every business need. Expand your business, reduce your costs. work order tracking, trouble tickets, order entry and e-commerce, customer service, brand awareness, affiliate sales and more.  

    E- Track -- web based solution for work orders, trouble tickets

  • Networking/Hardware

    Servers, bar code equipment, retail equipment, other commercial software products. Our line card.

  • Human Services Group     Health Services Solutions

    Business system solutions for people oriented service business. Group Homes, Mental Health, Community College, Funeral Homes, Business Clubs, etc.